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Cannabis Seedbank Companies

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There are cannabis seedbanks (cannabis seed suppliers) all over the world producing quality cannabis strains. If you are going to all the effort of growing skunk, make sure it's nothing but the best weed. If you grow rubbish cannabis seeds, you will end up with rubbish ganja plants, which is a total waste of your time as you want to end up with some highgrade smoke. Make sure you always grow cannabis seeds that are sourced from an established cannabis seedbank company. There are many weed seed suppliers out there but not all supply top quality seeds, so watch out. At Head Shop UK, you will only find top quality weed seeds from the finest cannabis seedbanks.


Cannabis Seed Suppliers

Skunk seeds from all the best seedbanks all under one roof. You can buy ganja seeds from a wide range of cannabis seeds suppliers (seedbanks) in one transaction, no need to place orders with each individual seedbank... thank goodness for the UK's number one head shop! Free shipping is standard on all cannabis seeds with same day postage if ordered before 4:20pm (weekdays). International shipping is available. Choose marijuana strains from the following top quality seed banks: 7 Dwarfs Cannabis Seedsbank, A.C.E Cannabis Seeds (Association Criadores Espana – Spain Breeders Association), Advanced Seeds (Organic), Afropips Seeds, Barney's Farm Seed Company, Big Buddha Seeds, Black Label Seeds, Buddha Seed Bank, CannaBioGen (Premium Quality Seeds), Ceres Seeds (Dutch), CH9 Female Seeds (California), Crazy X Seeds, Cropi Canna Seeds, De Sjamaan Cannabis Seeds, Delicious Seeds, Delta 9 Labs (medical grade biological cannabis seed bank), Dinafem Seeds (Mister Green Finger) DNA Genetics Amsterdam, Doggies Nuts Seeds, Dready Seeds (quality hybrids), Dutch Passion, Eva Female Seeds, FMS: Finest Medicinal Seeds (Canada), Flash Seeds (Automatic Seeds), The Flying Dutchmen Seed Company (Amsterdam), G13 Labs (Premium Seeds), The Green House Seed Company, High Quality Seeds, Holy Smoke Cannabis Seeds, Homegrown Fantaseeds, The Joint Doctor’s Lowryder Automatic, Kannabia Marihuana Seed Company, KC Brains Holland, Kiwi Seeds (Dampkring Coffeeshop), Koala Seeds (Australian), Kulu Seeds (Positronic), LowLife Seeds, Magus Genetics (Gerrit Slot), Mandala Seeds, Medical Cannabis Seeds, Ministry of Cannabis, Mr Nice Seeds (Howard Marks & Shantibaba), Next Generation Seed Company, Nirvana Seeds, Paradise Seeds (Europe), Pick & Mix Cannabis Seeds, Porno Seeds, Pukka Seeds (, Pyramid Seeds Feminised, DNA Reserva Privada, Resin Seeds, RDG: Royal Dutch Genetics, Royal Queen Seeds (Netherlands), Sagarmatha Seeds, Samsara Seeds, The Sativa Seedbank, Secret Valley Seeds, Seedism Seeds (Cannabis College Amsterdam), Seedsman Cannabis Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Serious Seeds, Short Stuff Seedbank Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds, Soma Sacred Seeds (Rastafarian), Spice of Life Seeds (Quality cannabis seeds), Sweet Seeds (Spanish Feminized Seedsbank), T.H.Seeds (Cannabis In Amsterdam), TGA Sub Cool Seeds (The Science of Dank), The Bulldog Seed Company (Bulldog Coffeeshop), The Cali Connection, Vulkania Seed (Spain), White Label Seed Company, Willy Jack Seeds, World of Seeds.

The legal bit: it is illegal to grow cannabis in the UK, so don't do it, it's naughty and against the law. Cannabis seeds should only be grown in countries where it's legal to do so. In countries where cultivating cannabis is illegal, cannabis seeds are for souvenir purposes only.

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